This Visit to the Dentist will be Fun!

There are a lot of dentist games online. Some of them are just for fun, some will tell you a lot about what things are bad for you teeth. Other games, like Dental Adventure  give you a chance to do the job of a dentist.
The most important thing is to enjoy your stay and think a little more about teeth. You will be glad you did every time you want to eat something tough. 
Not every steak gives up without a fight

Action Dentist Games

Dental Damage
Check Out the Games:
Dental Damage
Stanley Smiles
Dr Dentist
Dental Adventure
Toothpaste versus Bacteria
Breaking Teeth


Fun Games

Spongebob Game

Educational Dentist Games

Mouth Power

Best 'learning about teeth' game on the net?: Mouth Power

Losing Baby Teeth

Losing baby teeth is a part of growing up. There is no room for adult teeth otherwise.

As natural as the process is, it is still a big surprise when a tooth comes out- as Kailey proves when she  pulls out a front tooth with dental floss! Kailey is not so sure about pulling out this tooth but has a big (gap-toothed) smile afterwards!

It won't be long before Kailey has a full set of strong, white adult teeth. But will will she forgive her Mom for putting this video on the net when she gets bigger?

How to pull baby teeth: Wiki Teeth 

Crocodile Game
Crocodile Dentist Game
What is the biggest selling dentist game of all time?

It has to be the crocodile dentist game. In this game you take it in turns to pull the teeth out of the crocodile's mouth. If you pull the 'sore tooth' the crocodile's mouth snaps shut and you lose the game. This can be a little scary!

But not as scary as a real crocodile...