Dental Adventure

Dental Adventure.

This is one of the most realistic dentist games.

You use a mirror to find the bad teeth. There is also an x-ray machine for finding problems hidden deep inside a tooth. A special tube is used to drain dribble (yuk) from the patient's mouth.

To prep your patient, you use novocaine or laughing gas (nitrous oxide), after deciding which is best by looking at the patients dental records.

Then, you just need to keep an eye on the pain meter...

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Dental Adventure

The Tooth Worm

For a long time, tooth decay was reckoned to be the result of a tooth worm. This came about because people noticed that the holes in bad teeth were like the holes in wood produced by wood worm.

The ancient carving in the tooth to the left shows the 'tooth worm' at work. Click for full size.

It was a French doctor who first pointed out that worms were not involved about seven hundred years ago.
It was only after the discovery of the microscope that bacteria were first seen. We know now that bacteria cause tooth decay. As they eat the food on someone's teeth, the bacteria produce acids that dissolve teeth producing little holes that get bigger with time.

 If you don't brush your teeth every day, a yellow. slimy substance called plaque builds up on teeth.

Plaque is a mixture of food and bacteria that causes tooth decay.Cleaning teeth means that the bacteria in the mouth have nowhere to live and nothing to eat.

Want to avoid plaque? It is as easy as brushing your teeth everyday!
Even a hippo can do that.