Escape the Dentist

Do you really want to escape the dentist? Wouldn’t you rather have shiny perfect teeth that everyone likes?

If you are having a tough time at the dentist and really need to escape, this might be the game for you.

You have to point and click with the mouse to collect all the things you need to make your escape. If you fail- it’s the chair!

If you get stuck there is a walkthrough below.

Play Game:
Escape the Dentist

Escape the dentist walkthrough

The First Toothbrushes

The first tooth brushes were made in China about five hundred years ago. They used bristles from a pig and were reckoned to be very effective.

Modern bristles are often nylon or another plastic. They need to be changed regularly because th eends on the bristles become rounded as they wear out in use.

Rounded ends are not so good at removing plaque as you brush.